Sunrise Bradahl Serey Kickboxing School is a multicultural and equal opportunity organisation. We believe that everyone deserves to be respected and given the opportunity to learn and succeed, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, nationality, etc... All students are expected to uphold this belief by affording respect to Master Sarun Chea, management and all members.

Sunrise Bradahl Serey Kickboxing School, while teaching students how to fight, is founded on Budhist principles. Our aim is not only to teach Bradahl Serey Kickboxing, but to encourage all members to develop self-discipline, respect for themselves and others, and awareness of the consequences of their actions. In so doing, we hope to contribute to the happiness and well-being of our students and to general society. Therefore we expect our students to use the skills they learn appropriately, for their own enjoyment and protection, never to intimidate or inflict harm upon any innocent party.

Ring competitions are an important part of our training. Any person who steps into the ring to fight, whether they win or lose, is to be respected for their hard work and courage. All fighters are to accept this respect graciously and use their position to inspire and encourage other students. Students and fighters are expected to be mature enough to refrain from gossip, slander or jealousy towards other members.

An important aim of our teaching is to help our students to feel safe, respected and confident. Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes inappropriate and offensive remarks or requests of a sexual nature being made about or towards other students or trainers.

Sunrise Bradahl Serey Kickboxing School has been passed down eight generations, and our current Master has devoted his entire life to continuing this tradition. All students are expected to give him the respect that he deserves. No student is to engage in deliberate malicious activities with the intention to harm Master Sarun Chea, his family, reputation, business or fighters. This includes discouraging students to access products or services, spreading rumours, creating factions and in-fighting, informing rival trainers of what techniques are being taught, as well as more serious activities. Any student found to be involved with such activities will be immediately expelled and may be prosecuted depending on the severity of their activities.

Code of Conduct